(309 Points)
Male; Age 30; 5'10''; 155 lbs.; used to have a scar, now is a fairly handsome man; blood type is AB
ST: 12/11 [20] IQ: 13 [30] Speed: 6.25
DX: 14 [45] HT: 11/12 [10] Move: 5
Dodge: 7/11 Parry: 9/14 Block: 9/14  
Damage: Elbow Strike 1d-1; Broadsword cut 1d+3; cr 1d; Broadsword - Magic cut 1d+3; cr 1d; Knife (small) cut 1d-1; imp 1d-2; Medium Shield cr 1d-1; Punch 1d-1; Kick 1d+1; Thrust 1d-1; Swing 1d+2.

Additional Attributes

Will 10; Fright Check 12.


Alertness +1 [5]; Combat Reflexes [15] (Fright Check: 12); Ally Group - Zombie Army (Medium, 12 or less) [60] (Point Level: 100, +10); Disease-Resistant [5]; Double-Jointed [2] (Right arm only); Patron (9 or less) [15]; Psionic Resistance 2 [4]; Rapid Healing [5]; Toughness 1 [10]; Voice [10].


Charitable [-10] (mostly); Fanaticism [-10] (UPHOLDS justice); Fatalistic [-10]; Honesty [-10]; Intolerance [-5] (to immoral people).


Swears frequently; picks on Janos; delusion (believes in justice for all). [-3]


Archaeology-10 [½]; Architecture/TL7-12 [1]; Area Knowledge - Minija-14 [2]; Area Knowledge - Minijan Brothels-13 [1]; Area Knowledge - Minijan Savior Faire-13 [1]; Boating-12 [½]; Body Language-11 [½]; Brawling-14 [1] (Parry: 10); Broadsword-17 [16] (Parry: 9); Criminology/TL7-17 [10]; Detect Lies-12 [2]; Diagnosis/TL7-10 [½]; Diplomacy-14 [2]; Disguise-11 [½]; Elbow Strike (1d-1)-14 [1]; Fast-Talk-12 [1]; First Aid/TL7-14 [2]; Forensics/TL7-12 [2]; Genetics/TL7-9 [½]; History-11 [1]; Intelligence Analysis-12 [2]; Interrogation-15 [6]; Intimidation-19 [14]; Karate-14 [4] (Parry: 10); Knife Throwing-16 [4]; Language (D'K'Laen)-11 [1]; Law-14 [6]; Lockpicking/TL7-11 [½]; Meditation-9 [½]; Occultism-13 [2]; Philosophy-12 [2]; Poisons-11 [1]; Politics-14 [1]; Psychology-11 [1]; Research-12 [1]; Riding (Horse)-13 [1]; Scrounging-13 [1]; Sex Appeal-12 [1]; Shadowing-12 [1]; Shield-16 [4] (Block: 8); Shortsword-14 [2] (Parry: 8); Stealth-14 [2]; Strategy-11 [1]; Streetwise-13 [2]; Survival (Woodlands)-12 [1]; Swimming-14 [1]; Tactics-12 [2]; Tactics, Magic-13 [0]; Teaching-12 [1]; Thaumatology-11 [2]; Theology-12 [2]; Tracking-13 [2]; Traps/TL7-12 [1]; Xenobiology/TL7-13 [2].


Backpack (large; $100; With frame; holds 100 lbs); Blanket (heavy wool; $20); Books on the Occult; Books on Vampires; Broadsword (cut 1d+3; cr 1d, Skill: 17, Parry: 9; $500; Reach: 1; 1; ST: 10); Broadsword - Magic (cut 1d+3; cr 1d, Skill: 17, Parry: 9; 3 lbs.; $452; Reach: 1; 1; ST: 10); Dragoren Canteen (½ lbs.; Turns any liquid into fresh water); First Aid Kit ($30; Skill: 15); Glove of Grip (1 lb.; STR +5 for gripping); Iron spike (×4; $4); Knife (small) (cut 1d-1; imp 1d-2, Skill: 10, Parry: 5, ×5; $150; Reach: C, 1;C); Leather Armor Suit (PD 2, DR 2; 22 lbs.; $320; Right Leg is DR 1 until replaced Left Leg is DR 0 until replaced); Light Orb (½ lbs.); Lockpicks (good; $200; Skill: 12); Magic Jewelry Box (1 lb.; Clean and Sterilize speel for anything put into it); Medium Shield (PD 3, Hits 7/40, cr 1d-1, Skill: 16, Block: 8; $60; Reach: 1); Pouch (small; $10; Holds 3 lbs); Rope (40 yards; $20; Supports: 300 lbs; 3/8"); Shovel ($30); Torch (×57; $171; 1 hour); Traveller's rations (×10; 5 lbs.; $20; One meal); Whetstone (1 lb.; $5).


Years of living among the vice and crime of Watershed as well as being the son of two clergy, Kuragara has developed a very strong righteous sense.
Aquired a nasty scar on right side of face, across eye during teen year in a "disagreement". Part of him would
love to administer a little payback but of course it would have to be in a totally legel manner. He has considered suing for wrongful disfigurement....

Met Ilaria (Michelle's character) in a class of public speaking at university, developed a friendship - trusts
her. Most women shy away from Kuragara because of his appearance, but Ilaria seemed not to notice it. Most people are a little intimidated by the strength of his convictions, so it has been rare for him to find someone who would really talk with him and argue points in a friendly manner. Ilaria thinks a number of laws, particularly those having to do with investigating the old dwarven mountains, are downright stupid. When Kuragara argued that 'the law is the law and must be obeyed' she countered with 'yes, but sometimes old laws are no longer right; isn't it not only lawful but also morally right to speak up against a law that you feel is wrong so that you can get it changed?' She had some weird ideas about the relationship between law and morality that he found intriguing, if a little disturbing. In any case, it was really nice to have someone to talk to who could hold her own against him, he hasn't had that
much in the years since. Kuragara finished his classes three years ago, graduating in Criminal Investigations and Law.

After university, he went from town to town, honing his investigative and fighting skills. He had always heard of Vistario's Elite Acquaintances, but he got a chance to work with them directly though one of his cases (busting a non-sanctioned prostitution ring in Reidston). He felt that this might be an ideal outlet to assist in preserving the law and justice for all, which he truly believes is possible. He realizes that some of the Mercenaries are current criminals and has plans to quietly discover who needs to be brought to justice
in the long run. Of course, the Law states that service
to the Mercenaries *is* punishment, but it still nags at
him. The fact that he is uncomfortable about this law
has reminded him of Ilaria from time to time. In the
short term, he will work with these people in order to
deal with more immediate injustice.

In The Mercenaries
Kuragara joined the Mercenaries a little over a year ago
and has been in their constant employ ever since. He
passed the 'Essential Travel Skills' training (usually refered to as 'basic training') in only three weeks, earning his Lateso Pass (the 'diploma' that is given at
the end of basic training) a week eariler than usual. Since then he has had three assignments, all extensions of each other. First in Reidston, then Gorgetown, then Paverton he investigated what was rumored to be a series of related prison-breaks. In each case a handful of prisoners had escaped from the penitentiary where thieves and other lesser criminals work hard labor to atone for their sins. What struck everyone as odd was that all three escapes occured within two months of each other, and that not a single fugitive had been caught. Kuragara and a team of other investigators went to each town in turn. They interviewed people, inspected the prisons, reviewed the records of the prisoners, and at the end the official conclusion was that the escapes were the result of negligence on the part of the wardens. Kuragara disagreed with that conclusion in the cases of Reidston and Paverton -- both times he submitted the proper forms to his superiors informing them of his dissenting opinion and his reasons. When word came down that the team was to be sent on a fourth such investigation (in Watershed) he submitted the proper forms to his superiors that he wished to be reassigned because a) he did not believe that his team was finding the truth, and b) he personally knew the warden of Watershed and thought this to be a conflict of interest.

His request was granted and now he is reunited with
Ilaria but has two new problems to deal with...Gianna
and Janos. In addtion, he has started to question
his long held beliefs of the law, feeling more that
justice is more important than the letter of the law.

His path with the Mercenaries has taken him place he could never have dreamed of and placed him in danger no nightmare could truly capture. Now as Minija's fate hangs in the balance, Kuragara must deal with a new teammate, a new mission and the strangest sword he has ever seen.....