Grey Wolf...a name chosen by Ivellios, a half-elf seeking justice for his slain family and for those unable to defend themselves

His story starts near the city of Ghant in a small farm where he along with his parents, Edghar and Jeia, lived a simple life. His younger brother, Garreth and sister Jaina both rejected life on the farm and went off to seek fame and fortune. Even Ivellios thought of adventure while tending to the farm. To meet this need, he enrolled in the local school for wizardry where his mentor, Melido, began the long and sometimes painful process of forging a mage. He was never the most attentive student because he never thought a mage could live long enough to achieve any wealth.

Then tragedy stuck. A small band of warriors whose banner was that of a white or grey wolf visited his family farm insisting that tribute be paid to them. Edghar refused and, having been a fighter in his younger days, fought the warriors valiantly. But in the end, he was killed as was Jeia. Ivellios attempted to rush to his parent's aid but was not physically capable of fighting trained warriors and was quickly knocked unconscious. He awoke to find his parents slain and the farm in flames. As he buried them, he swore he find these men and avenge his family. For many years, he traveled the countryside, trying to learn how to fight so he could accomplish his revenge. He took the name of Grey Wolf in the hopes of attracting the warriors he sought. One day he happened upon some peasants in need and assisted a mage in their defense. He watched as the mage let loose a fireball and slaughtered fifteen men with one stoke. The rest were easily routed and the peasants were saved. Impressed by the mage's power, Ivellios realized that the combination of magic and the ways of the fighter would be the easiest way to affect the revenge he so desperately wanted. He returned to Ghant and to his mentor who promised to continue teaching him under his new name of Grey Wolf. For several more years, Grey Wolf studied and would occasionally venture to other villages and cities, helping those in need.

On October 1, 1829, he received the call to join the Company, a band of adventurers assisting the Spire and The Archmage of Tal Hae to keep the world safe from forces of untold evil. He bid farewell to his mentor, who promised to find some way to let his siblings know what had happened at the farm and where (and who) Grey Wolf was going. He bid farewell to his home and started on the adventure of a lifetime. He hopes to survive it. Of course as the fates would have it, Grey Wolf has found out that his past maybe a lie, he is the axis between two worlds and no, he probably won't survive....

Grey Wolf's Character Sheet

Every good hero must have a theme song - Here is Grey Wolf's song[may not work in every browser]

Grey Wolf's favorite sword Bostock (and no it is not cursed...just talkative)

A picture of one of Grey Wolf's teammates, Flicker--well, a picture of him in "retirement" (Is that better Dorian?)

Grey Wolf's familiar, Edghar, with his "posse" before joining up with GW

A short about Sagiro, the villain no one believes is dead....