Name Last Known Location Attitude Towards Party Bio
Antonio Mercenary outpost on the road between Dulzone and
Neutral Sgt.-Adjudicator Antonio was responsible for sentencing Janos to two years' service in the mercenaries
Balicat Midway Dead Balicat the Wise was the last King of Minjia. He did not give proper Respect to the Incarnations as a youth, and as a result was denied worthy heirs by Birth. His wife had apparently produced deformed monsters. He founded the Noble Majority. His castle was in Midway. Nothing is known about whether his children ever produced any offspring
Bane (aka Cat) On the road between Dulzone and Treppari Unfriendly to Janos, not particularly
tolerant of the rest of the party
Bane is a talking cat. Only Ilaria has actually seen any evidence that this cat is anything more than what it appears to be -- Janos's Aura spell didn't notice anything unusual about it. However, Bane was supposedly a very powerful wizard 300 years ago, so if he's still alive...Bane is also mentioned in some of the old texts we've studied that are associated with the Dwarven museum. Anyway, extreme caution is recommended. Bane said a few interesting things -- first of all, he said that Ilaria asked too many questions and then sent her on her way under some sort of magical compulsion. He also referred to
Gianna as 'the chick with the knife and the gender issues', a comment which seems to genuinely puzzle Gianna.
Belo Dulzone Neutral Belo is the night guard at Dulzone Mercenary HQ
Bertoli Outpost between Dulzone and Treppari Hostile towards Janos, mildly antagonistic
towards the rest of the party
Bertoli was the mercenary detailed to accompany the party on the trip from Dulzone to Treppari. He was the victim of the backfire from an unauthorized experiment conducted by Janos, in which he was almost killed. Bertolli is not very happy with Janos, and was quite pleased to be reassigned to a different duty.
Bes Djadtu's Home in SW Minjia Unknown Crop tender on Djadtu's family farm. Djadtu suggested we talk to Bes if we wanted to learn about the situation in SW Minja
Bicio A boat heading west from Dryport Bay Unknown, possibly hostile Bicio was the supply officer at Fort Mikeli. He was also something of a fanatical collector of war memorabilia. He has a huge collection of such things as horseshoes and other artifacts of old battles. About four months before our group came on the scene, Bicio received a figurine -- a carved image of the Goddes-Queen Kisa. Apparently this statue was very magical, and somehow grew in power over the three months that it was in place in Bicio's collection, to the point where it actually warped the magical fields around its location. One month later, Bicio took his body of supply engineers
and went west with General Turelli, where they commandeered a fishing
boat on the south shore of Dryport Bay. And they haven't been seen
since. Upon departure, Bicio and his men took general supplies along
with a Dragoran canteen, but left the fort's entire supply of dwarven
metal and crossbows behind, apparently untouched
Bort Corisi Unknown Bort is a dwarf. He is presumably who the town of Borton is named after, and he was friends with Duke Coris. Presumed dead along with all the other dwarves
Bustaro Unknown Unknown Duke Bustaro was a member of the Noble Majority in the time before the Great War. The dwarves protected him on an expedition to the barbarian lands beyond the Orcs. Without their protection he would never have escaped the demon Korotib. Presumed dead at this point
Cadavi Merpoint Friendly towards Janos Duke Cadavi is a member of the Noble Majority. He's expressed an
interest in employing Janos' skills after being suitably impressed by
a good job of magical analysis. In 339, Cadavi donated a penetration
blade from his personal collection to the Dwarven Relics wing of the
Museum in Dulzone. Cadavi may have some magical knack to identify
magical items by touch. He is rumored to collects the hands and eyes
of thieves who attempt to steal from him. His grandmother founded the
Zorticar Exchange, which identifies the histories and values of
artifacts pulled from the Barbarian Lands and the Dracabri
Cesar Dulzone Neutral Cesar is a civilian guide to the walled city inside Dulzone
Chevo On the road between Dulzone and Treppari Hostile Chevo is a brigand leader with four known counts of kidnapping to his credit. He's one of the best-known criminal contacts in Watershed and is generally considered to be the top kidnapper in the region. There's a good chance that he's dead, as he got kicked in the head by a horse. Pity
Colomo Unknown Unknown Duke Colomo was a member of the Noble Majority in the time before the Great War. Dwarves helped Colomo find passage to the northlands of old Eralaen. Presumably the progenitor of House Colomuro, Ilaria's house
Coris The Mikoni River Unknown Duke Coris was a member of the Noble majority in the time before the Great War. He is the founder of the city of Corisi. He knew Bort, the dwarf, and apparently met Bane shortly before his supposed death in the Mikoni River
Cosago Dulzone Dead Captain Cosago was a captain of the guard inside the walled city in Dulzone. He was killed by the Phantom (from the strange artifact) in Elar's house
Culoso Dulzone Neutral One of the guards in the walled city in Dulzone
Delucia Watershed Friendly, particularly towards Gianna Regional head of the Mercenaries in Watershed. An old but not completely trusted friend of Kuragara's. He took reasonably good care of us while we were in Watershed, and took Gianna out on a date. Apparently something of a lady-killer.
Dirreta Dulzone Neutral One of the guards in the walled city in Dulzone
Djadtu Treppari, Mercenary HQ, 'At His Lordship's Convenience' Not completely clear. Somewhat antagonistic, but
not openly hostile.
Djadtu is from SW Minjia -- his father is apparently governor of a territory in that area. Djadtu encountered Janos at University, leading a protest against the circumstances of Janos' departure from University. Djadtu was next encountered by our entire party in the tunnels underneath Dulzone, where he was leading a group of people intent on destroying the Circle of Temples with a vast quantity of explosive powder. Djadtu was captured and the plan foiled. Since then, we've taken Djadtu to Treppari to meet Rel, his contact in the
organization planning the bombing of the temples.
Duke Vistario Unknown Unknown We haven't interacted with Vistario yet, but his history is well-known
Egalia Unknown Unknown Lady Egalia was a member of the Noble Majority in the time before the Great War. She went on an expedition in pursuit of the fabled southern mountains, and dwarves helped her by cleansing the water from the Sea of Tears. Presumed dead
Elar Unknown Unknown Elar was a merchant who had a fancy house in the walled community inside Dulzone. His house was used as an entrance into the maze underneath Dulzone. Elar is currently presumed to be dead. His house also had a central room which contained some stonework of apparently dwarven origin and an unusual piece of parchment similar to the paper found in the museum of dwarven history. Based on some of the evidence in Elar's house, it would appear that he had a wife and child at one time, but that they are now both dead
Elivio Dulzone Neutral Elivio is the Cartographer of the Mercenaries in Dulzone
Estio Rayost Openly Hostile towards Janos,
Neutral/Positive towards Ilaria, hasn't met Kuragara or Gianna to the
best of my knowledge
Estio is a professor at the University at Rayost. Janos and Ilaria first met while they were both studying under him. In Janos' opinion, he's an asshole who can't stand to have a student who's brighter than he is. He got all bent out of shape over a few unauthorized experiments using his lab and equipment, and he was instrumental in Janos' ultimate departure from University
Faen The Southern Forest Unknown Faen is/was leader of the elves. He led his people into the southern jungles where they live now
Faniliorti Dulzone Dead Faniliorti's body turned up in the river after the tremor that occurred on the night that our party arrived in Dulzone. He was apparently a no-goodnik from the docks. Foul play was possible, but no connection was drawn at the time between his death and the other events taking place in Dulzone
Feranima Unknown Unknown Feranima is the Incarnation of Birth. She replaced Nulian at the end of the Great War. Feranima used to be a player character
Fori Dulzone Dead One of the guards in the walled city in Dulzone who was killed by the Phantom
Gelarin On the road between Dulzone and Treppari Seemingly friendly towards Ilaria. Dislikes
We met Gelarin on the road to Treppari. He was in the company of Bane. During the night that he was camped with our party, he was observed talking to the Storm Riders, who may be Dragorans. When Ilaria went to talk to him later, she didn't get much information before she was sent away by a strong magical compulsion. Gelarin may have some connection with the Dragorans, based on his observed conversation with the Storm Riders. Gelarin is a name apprently derived from Elvish, and Gelarin mentioned that he had been in the Elven lands recently. Gelarin's name is apparently older than man,
which means that he is probably a being of great power. According to
Gravano, Gelarin was the name of the Elvish ambassador to Minjia, but
he stopped visiting Minjia when the Noble majority moved into full swing
Gianna Treppari Member of Party Gianna is a stealthy type with some combat skills. Skilled in subterfuge and avoiding notice. Gianna is an archaeologist and security expert. She's currently under an involuntary service contract with the mercenaries. Born in Golrani.
Giosi Dulzone Neutral Bureaucratic Giasi is the archivist in Dulzone City Hall. He was mildly helpful but not terribly informative
Gravano Treppari Mildly Antagonistic but Helpful Gravano is the regional head of the Mercenaries for the city of Treppari. He doesn't want us in the city, and wishes we would leave, and if we're not going to leave we should at least keep a low profile. Gravano has been observed conferring with a man who was tailing us, so there's a good bet that he's keeping tabs on us. He's also placed us in a room that appears to be designed for easy eavesdropping, so we have good reason to be suspicious of his motives. Gravano has apparently been catching a lot of flak from the
town elders over our presence in Treppari. He was trailing us to keep an eye on us at the request of the Elders. Gravano now knows most of what has happened to us and believes at least some of it. He has also revealed that he did not originally join the mercenaries by choice. He has informed us that believes that Kearo is a renegade at this point.
Guiliani Treppari Unknown, probably unfriendly Giuliani is a merchant in Treppari. According to Rel, he has been plagued by a strange malady of late, and is being left by his wife. Also according to Rel, he is a Monarchist and holds Monarchist meetings in his house. Rel was going to try to arrange for Ilaria to attend one of his meetings, but it's not clear if anything will come of that
Oh and he was a mayor and a prosecutor in a former life.....
Igal Dulzone Friendly Former records-keeper at map archives in Dulzone. Was fired after Djadtu and a friend managed to steal several maps while she was on duty. Djadtu's magical staff was probably the mechanism used to effect this theft
Ilaria Treppari, Mercenary HQ Member of party Ilaria is highly intuitive and combat-skilled. Ilaria is from Gynzdown, and her family name is Colomuro.
Inaroti Unknown Unknown Lady Inaroti is a current member of the Noble Majority and believed to be the wealthiest Noble in Minjia, with a wealth valued at over six thousand pounds. She is a widow
Istaroglia Dulzone Neutral (but helpful) The morgue-keeper in Dulzone. Let us in to examine the various bodies that had turned up after one of the tremors
Iva-nova Fort Mikeli (outside of Dulzone) Neutral Lieutenant Iva-nova is the acting CO of Fort Mikeli. She appears to be fairly businesslike and thorough, but apparently doesn't have much love for civilians. She left on a two-week mandatory leave and returned to discover that the general and his supply officer had gone west (seemingly across the Sea of Tears) for no apparently good reason. Iva-nova is also in charge of the bunker in which much dwarven metal and the Legion's supply of crossbows are stored
Janos Treppari Member of party Janos is a mage with few combat skills but good healing capabilities. Good generally useful magic. Janos is currently under a two-year involuntary service contract with the mercenaries, during which time he will have a supervisor controlling his use of magic. Ilaria is his current supervisor.
Justice Torca Dulzone Neutral Justice Torca fired Igal (the map records-keeper) after the theft of the maps. Our party has never met him
Kalu Unknown Unknown Supposedly Gel's (Gelarin's) son-in-law. I don't think we know anything else about him, but considering who we suspect Gelarin to be, this is particularly interesting
Kearo Between Treppari and Dulzone, heading towards Dulzone...maybe Unknown. Partially happy for not letting the
temples get blown up, but we don't know if we can trust him. Some concern, some happiness, possibly some malice.
Kearo is an Inspector-General in the Mercenaries. He was the man in charge of discovering what was causing the tremors in Dulzone. He authorized us to take Djadtu to Treppari. However, when we finally made it to Treppari, he was already there waiting for us. He expressed concern at the news that Djadtu's companions had turned up dead and ordered us to wait and do nothing until we heard from him again, saying he intended to go back to Dulzone to check on the state of the prisoners. Kuragara did not feel like Kearo's surprise was
genuine, though, and there's some chance that he's not operating in
the best interests of the Mercenaries or Minjia. [Additional Note: Kearo is probably a lying bastard.] We no longer work for Kearo as of the 2/28 game session.
Kisa Unknown Dead Kisa was a barbarian who is now revered by many barbarians as a great teacher. Her remains lie in the 'Great Tower of One Land'. She was present at the death of Birth. She is also apparently referred to as 'the Goddess-Queen'
Kulo Treppari Unknown, probably hostile Kulo is the clerk who works in Rel's shop. He's only met Gianna face-to-face, but it seems likely that he's aware of any dangerous affiliations Rel has. After Gianna departed from Rel's shop, Kulo went down to the local guard post to express concern about 'a strange woman' and to ask for extra guard protection
Kuragara Treppari Member of party Kuragara is a straight-backed, law-abiding police-type. Strong combat and interrogation skills. Trying to be a good investigator. Seeks justice above virtually all else
LiTel Unknown Unknown LiTel, aka LichTel, aka The Lich is the Incarnation of Death. LiTel used to be a player character
Lonosu Dulzone Dead Lonosu is a spice merchant who was killed by a piece of falling cornice in a tremor in Dulzone. He's dead. We never got to meet him
Loteo Dulzone Dead One of the guards in the walled city in Dulzone who was killed by the Phantom
Lt. Petreci Dulzone Neutral One of the guards in the walled city in Dulzone
Medici & Iris Watershed Friendly towards Kuragara, anyway Kuragara's parents, missionaries in Watershed. Iris is a missionary of the Five incarnations, but she is herself very close to the Incarnation of Birth
Montenya On the road between Watershed and Treppari, supposedly bound for Dulzone Seemingly Friendly Montenya is (probably not!) a messenger from the Circle of Temples. He is apparently able to act as a lens of some sort through which higher powers (possibly even Incarnations) are able to act and/or communicate. He asked each of us which was more important: an oath to the Mercenaries or faith in the Incarnations. Montenya informed us of the death of Djadtu's companions and was then apparently able to extract information from Djadtu without touching him or using any obvious magical powers. He was also able to tell
immediately when Janos had cast a spell. His appearance may have been
collusion, though. Apparently, no emissary was sent by the Circle of Temples, so there's a good chance that he was in cahoots with Djadtu.
Pasiano demonstrated a magical item that would have allowed him to
disguise his aura effectively. Not sure yet how he could have told
when Janos cast a spell, but there are pretty reasonable ways for this
to work.
Nulian Unknown Dead Nulian was the Incarnation of Birth who died at the end of the Great War
Parisi Mijport Not very fond of Janos Chief Inspector of the Mercenaries in Mijport. He didn't get along with Janos. He was all too happy to reassign him to a job in Dulzone that needed someone with his skills
Pasiano Safehouse outside of Treppari Neutral Pasiano is Supervising Sergeant -- second in command at the Central Investigative Branch. As far as we know, none of the party has met him before. He's also Kearo's direct supervisor. He is very tall, has a lawyerish quality to him (he used to be a magistrate in Capitol), and appears to have an eidetic memory. He has given us some fairly strict instructions about when and how we are permitted to discuss our last mission. He's suggested we're all troublemakers, but that could be a good thing. We may be up for promotion in three years' time
Quanna Unknown Unknown Quanna the Eternal is the Incarnation of Life. She is immortal. She is also an elf.
Quasi Unknown Unknown, probably dead General Quasi was apparently a general during the Great War. Little is known about him, but Bicio seems to have been somewhat obsessed by him and his strategies/tactics. General Quasi apparently won the 'Battle of Confusion', which turned the tide of the Great War
Quoro'ti' Unknown Unknown The Incarnation of Growth. We've heard the name before, but so far haven't been able to place it. May be the same as the demon Korotib who is mentioned in some of the documents from the museum of Dwarven History. This name apparently has Orcish derivation. Korotib is also the name of the King of the Orcs. A similar name (Koro'ta') means 'patriarch' in the language of the Western Barbarians
Rel Treppari. Openly friendly/neutral towards Ilaria, but still likely hostile in truth Rel is Djadtu's contact in the organization. He is apparently Djadtu's source for the explosive powder and the several odd magical items that we've recovered. Rel runs a jewelry shop in Treppari. Rel started circulating rumors about our being a 'special operations' group operating inside the mercenaries...these rumors started before we even arrived, so he clearly knew we were coming. Gianna has met him, had an interesting conversation, and managed to escape with her neck intact.
Riso Treppari Friendly Riso is captain of the mercenary guards who accompanied us to Treppari from Watershed
Stonisi Dulzone Friendly Stonisi is an engineer with Dulzone Civic Works, and an architecture nut. He invited us over to his place for a meeting of the Dulzone Architectural Appreciation Society
Storm Riders On the road between Dulzone and Treppari Unknown. Three tall, dark-skinned women, probably Dragorans. Observed from a distance by Kuragara and Gianna (also spotted by Ilaria). They apparently have some relationship to Gelarin, but we don't know much about that. They appear to have powerful magic at their disposal, but it would be pure speculation to go much further than this. The only time we had an encounter with them, Bane was also there, and he can probably account for any magical events taking place in the immediate vicinity. When Gianna approached the Storm Riders, he was knocked down by a powerful gust of wind.
The Gnome Unknown Unknown The Gnome is the Incarnation of Destruction. All we really know about him is the following phrase: 'After they were both controlled and contained, they were destroyed and replaced by the Gnome.'
Tiroro Dulzone Neutral He's a clerk in the Mercenaries
Tiselba Dulzone Neutral Tiselba is the wife of Lonosu. the deceased spice merchant. We never got to meet her, either, as she was in the Temple of Death, mourning
Tomas Gynzdown Friendly towards Ilaria Recruitment Sergeant of Mercs in Gynzdown. Old family friend of House Colomuro (Ilaria's family), taught Ilaria all of her outdoor survival skills.
Torca Outpost between Dulzone and Treppari Friendly/Cooperative Torca was the mercenary detailed to replace Bertolli. He risked his life after we were ambushed to allow us to escape with our prisoner intact. Reports from Gravano indicate that he was wounded but survived the episode. Not to be confused with Justice Torca in Dulzone.
Turelli A boat heading west from Dryport Bay Unknown, possibly hostile General Turelli was the CO of Fort Mikeli, but he has now gone AWOL. He was nearing retirement and was a very personable and well-liked man, but apparently the magic of the figurine that affected Bicio also affected him. He forged a set of orders sending him across the Sea of Tears to scout out a place to form a new Legion base
Ulio Dulzone Neutral Ulio is a clerk in the Hall of Civic Works. Courteous but lacking in useful information
Visir Dulzone Neutral One of the guards in the walled city in Dulzone
Vizelzo Dulzone Neutral Curator of Museum of Dulzone