Sagiro Returns!!

by Hersman of Ghant, Tribune staff

     Terror struck the small hamlet of Arlington Heights as a villan resurfaces.  It was happy day for Mr. and Ms. Senuman (pronounced with a silent "e" and the "u" sounding much like an "o"), a day of peaceful walking near the Great Tower, as seen in this photo.   Suddenly, without warning, the happy couple was smothered by a massive mound of snow and ice.   This second photo shows the sad scene.  Eyewitness testimony and photos show that the man responsible for this attack is none other than Sagiro Emberleaf.   Mr. Emberleaf was believed killed by a group only known as "The Company" several years ago but no body was recovered by this group or proper authorities.   The reasons for this random, vicious assault are unknown but as this photo shows, alcohol was definitely involved.  Another picture, taken before Mr Emberleaf fled the scene, shows that he was operating a vehicle while under the influence thus adding an additional offense to his long list of crimes.

If anyone has any information on the whereabouts of this weasel Sagiro, please contact the City Guard at once.   In addition, anyone knowing how to contact the group know as "The Company" should do so at once as they maybe the only ones equipped to deal this felon.